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Teleprompters are a huge essential in speech and interview videos to aid presenters in reading a script while maintaining eye contact with the audience (or camera lens in most scenarios) on a stage. .

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Let us do the hassle for you to organize your speech or talk delivery when you are on Stage by using our STAGE / PODIUM TELEPROMPTER

This allows the presentations to be more natural and fluid as it removes the need for presenters at podium to consult their written notes or wreck their brain memorizing a script.

Our Rental services of Presidential Teleprompter share these benefits :

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  • You’d better rent for 2 units of Stage Podium Teleprompters to stand before the podium when you talk
  • For better reading, use 2 pieces of Teleprompter on your podium
  • Includes delivery and setup

Teleprompter rental for stage and podium in Kuala Lumpur [Kualalumpur] Batam and Singapore

Below we have compiled a list of Camera Equipment Rental Places in which you can rent a teleprompter for your next video.

What Is a Teleprompter?

When to Use a Teleprompter?

Tips When Using a Teleprompter

Read and Familiarize Yourself With the Script

Rehearse With the Teleprompter Operator Beforehand

Save Your Presenter’s Script in a Compatible Format

Format the Scripts With Segment Names/titles

Consider Hiring a Professional

Teleprompter Rentals in Malaysia KualaLumpur

Enquire About Video Production for Your Organisation

What Is a Speech Teleprompter?

A teleprompter, also commonly known as a prompter or an autocue is a device that prompts the presenter with his or her script as below:

  1. Video Camera Teleprompter
  2. Presidential Podium Prompter

The most commonly used teleprompter is the glass teleprompter which makes use of any display such as an iPad or tablet and a specialized ‘one-way mirror’. The display is usually placed at the base of this set-up while the glass is placed diagonally in front of the camera lens allowing the presenter to look straight at the audience while reading out the script.

This is an improvement from the usage of cue cards as the presenter will no longer be required to lose eye contact with the audience in order to refer to the script.

Teleprompters allow presenters to look professional as it gives the impression that the presenter has memorized the script or is speaking spontaneously.

Enquire About Video Filming With Teleprompter

When to Use a Teleprompter?

A teleprompter is most notably used by news anchors and TV show hosts when presenting to television. However, its usage has gotten more widespread and is now commonly used for video and live stream productions that require its presenter or talent to present a large chunk of text such as corporate interview videos, corporate speech videos and CEO announcement videos.

Most teleprompting software requires an operator on set so as to pace its scroll speed.

Before jumping straight into reading off a teleprompter, here are some tips for your presenters to ace their first presentation using a teleprompter.

Read and Familiarize Yourself With the Script

* This helps you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Should ‘999’ be read at “Nine, nine, nine” or “Nine hundred and ninety nine”? This depends on the context of the speech

Rehearse With the PRESIDENTIAL STAGE Teleprompter Operator priot to delivering Speech or Talk

* Teleprompter operators will be able to operate more optimally when they are familiar with your reading patterns and pace so set aside some time before rolling the camera to rehearse with your teleprompter operator

Save Your Presenter’s Script in a Compatible Format

* Most teleprompters require scripts in either Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Rich Text (.rtf) or Plain Text (.txt) formats

* Using such formats will ensure that loading the scripts in the various teleprompter softwares are straightforward and time efficient

Format the Scripts With Segment Names/titles

* Titles are added to segment the different blocks of text to aid presenters in their delivery

* Such titles should be capitalized so the presenter does not mix it up with the script

when you rent out to Consider Hiring a Professional

Teleprompters are only one out of the many equipment needed to film a professional corporate video.

Here at Vivid Snaps, our in-house video production crews are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure you get the best results catered to your needs.

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  • Teleprompter Rentals in Singapore

Teleprompter rentals are available in a wide range of price points. The pricing may be dependent on the cost of the teleprompter unit, or what is included with the package. In this article, we share some teleprompter rentals in Singapore with rental cost ranging.

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