Rent Wireless Headset and Earphone or Headphone using receiver and transmitter for Office Factory Visit in SG or in Singapore area. DAXELL RENTAL provides in Singapore Receivers – Transmitter for touring the site using TGS (Tour Guide System) equipments.

Rental of tour audio guide system for site visit and guiding the guests

Tour guide system rental singapore

Digital anti-jamming wireless tour guide system, wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment, wireless community guide, professional manufacturer The whole set of wireless tour guide system consists of a digital wireless transmitter (or transmitters) and multiple digital receivers.

wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment, wireless community guide, professional manufacturer.

The whole set of wireless tour guide system consists of a digital wireless transmitter (or transmitters) and multiple digital receivers, explaining that the transmitter is carried by the on-the-spot guide, and each guest uses a receiver and its accompanying headset Listen. The number of receivers can reach hundreds, the reference radius of about 120 meters. The same occasion can accommodate 32 groups of reception at the same time, there will be no interference between groups. You can also enter the MP3 voice transmission, the receiver can manually replace the channel and lock the channel function, you can use a very flexible group.

Rental of Audio Tour Guide for factory site visit

One wireless Transmitter (Speaker)
to Any Number of Receivers (Audience)

This Wireless tour guide system is designed specially for guides and tour groups. It is a lightweight, multi-channel system that helps tour participants to listen directly to the tour guide clearly and without any environmental interference.
Great tools to use in conference hall, noisy factory, exhibition hall, museum, sightseeing tour or any indoor or outdoor activities.

Wireless Tour Guide System is for one speaker (one transmitter) per channel (Group) to infinite number of audience (receivers). If you need two speakers per channel, please refer to Tour Guide System of Daxell Rental.

Application of wireless Site tour guide tools:
  • Guided tour groups
  • Factory tours
  • Trade show tours
  • Employee training
  • Management meetings
  • Open houses
  • Customer prospect tours
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Distributor or reseller events

rental of TGS, hearing aid rental for touring the guests

Features of Tour audio guide headset-mic and headphone:

  • Innovative zero-delay radio reception front end, combined with digital audio processing backend technology, with diffraction distance and digital sound clarity.
  • Transmitter Transmits voice signals using a 3.5 mm audio plug microphone as an audio input for reliability and durability. The 10 milliwatts of healthy transmit power is much smaller than a 100 milliwatt transmitter on the market.
  • Receiver exclusive private mold, external antenna, simple and beautiful, the collection is more convenient.
  • Ear hanging headphones to wear comfortable, standard 3.5 mm straight, curved plug-in ear headphones publicity personality of a performance, especially for high-end choice of quality, ear hook high quality preferred light family tastes, according to their ears Flexibility to bend the headphone holder design flexibility, all intimate design, for the user to feel comfortable round shell, smooth surface, ear hook part of the surface with a matte material
  • LCD display channel and battery weak display, intuitive and convenient grouping, memory last channel.
  • Professional voice compressor and expander circuit, the effective handling of environmental noise, most of the market similar products without compressors and expander circuits, direct amplification of environmental noise to the headphones.
  • Direct printing user LOGO in the receiver or transmitter, enhance the user’s image.

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